The iGUIDE PLANIX Pro is an advanced camera system, perfect for creating precise floor plans and 3D tours. It features a lidar scanner for exceptional accuracy and calibrated Ricoh THETA Z1 lenses for enhanced measurement precision. Controlled via mobile, it’s user-friendly and ideal for both residential and commercial use.


The iGUIDE PLANIX Core offers precise floor plan and 3D tour creation using a lidar scanner. Suitable for those with a Ricoh THETA Z1, it provides easy mobile control and efficient processing for ready-to-use outputs, without the lens calibration of the Pro model.


The Ricoh Theta SC2 is a sleek 360° camera offering high-resolution 4K video and image capture with effective stabilization. It features modes for night views and contrasting light conditions. This user-friendly camera, ideal for social sharing and quick edits, is designed for portability and ease of use.


The Ricoh Theta X is a high-resolution 360-degree camera featuring a 2.25-inch touchscreen, 60MP image capture, and 5.7K video. It offers interchangeable batteries, memory cards, and robust magnesium alloy body, ideal for professional use in various fields like real estate and construction.


The THETA Z1 is a 360° camera featuring two 1.0-inch back-illuminated CMOS sensors and 51GB internal memory. It captures 23MP images and 4K videos with image stabilization and HDR, offering high-speed wireless transfer for seamless connectivity​.


HxDR is a scalable cloud-native platform for managing geospatial data, designed for diverse digital reality applications. It features robust storage, advanced visualization, collaboration tools, and automated processing services, catering to a wide range of geospatial and reality data applications.


Leica Cyclone 3DR combines JetStream technology and a workflow-based approach for efficient point cloud management. It offers versatile tools for inspection, modeling, and meshing, ideal for surveying, construction, and inspection fields. This software streamlines the journey from data collection to diverse 3D deliverable creation.


Leica REGISTER 360 streamlines data processing from BLK360 and BLK2GO with automatic registration, visual alignment, and easy cleanup. It enables immersive 3D point cloud visualization and offers efficient tools for precise project analysis and export, simplifying complex data handling.


The Leica BLK247 is an advanced 3D surveillance system combining LiDAR, video, and thermal imaging for accurate threat detection. It distinguishes between human and non-human intruders, significantly reducing false alarms. Offering a 360° horizontal and 270° vertical field-of-view, it integrates well with existing security systems.


The Leica BLK3D is a revolutionary measurement tool, capturing 3D measurements from 2D photos. It simplifies challenging measurements and supports virtual site visits by organizing images into project folders, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in field documentation.


The Leica BLK2FLY is the world’s first fully integrated LiDAR UAV, offering autonomous flying and advanced obstacle avoidance for easy aerial capture of colorized 3D point clouds, ideal for 3D modeling and visualization. Simple to operate, it’s designed for both interior and exterior scanning with just a few tablet taps.


The Leica BLK ARC is an autonomous laser scanning module for robotic integration, enabling mobile 3D point cloud capture and panoramic imaging. It mounts on various robots, facilitating autonomous, repeatable scan missions, ideal for mapping large, complex spaces. The BLK ARC streamlines scanning workflows, enhancing safety and efficiency.


The Leica BLK2GO is a portable, easy-to-use handheld laser scanner, perfect for fast, efficient scanning of large spaces. It combines LiDAR SLAM, visual SLAM, and an IMU for accurate, in-motion 3D capturing, processing 420,000 points per second.


The Leica BLK360, an advanced imaging laser scanner, offers best-in-class speed for rapid, quality scans. It captures full scans with spherical images in just 20 seconds. Ideal for AEC, VFX, and VR, it enhances workflow with fast processing and compatibility with various software ecosystems.


SiteGround provides fast, secure web hosting for small and medium sites, featuring top security and 24/7 support. Built on Google cloud infrastructure, it ensures reliability and speed. Their unique PHP and MySQL setup significantly boosts website performance, enhancing user experience.


Bluehost is a leading web hosting service provider known for its reliability, affordability, and user-friendly platform. It offers a range of hosting options including shared, dedicated, and WordPress hosting, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced webmasters. Bluehost is also recognized for excellent customer support and easy integration.


The WP Matterport Shortcode is a convenient WordPress plugin available on the official WordPress plugin repository. It simplifies the process of embedding Matterport 3D showcases into your website using easy-to-use shortcodes. Enhance your website with immersive virtual tours and interactive 3D content effortlessly with this user-friendly plugin.


Virtual Tour Pro offers a comprehensive masterclass for virtual tour creators. It includes 100+ video lessons on 360 photography, editing, and business strategies. Ideal for beginners aiming to become professional virtual tour photographers.


Tablz offers an immersive 3D booking experience, enhancing dining experiences for premium guests. It integrates with existing reservation systems like Opentable, Resy, and Sevenrooms. Tablz’s unique feature is its 3D mapping of dining rooms, allowing guests to visually choose and upgrade their table, effectively solving service issues related to random table assignments​​​​​​.


SuperViz offers a comprehensive collaboration SDK and API for web developers, enabling the integration of real-time presence, video conferencing, and contextual comments in web applications. It supports seamless collaboration in digital twins and 3D environments, enhancing user engagement and productivity.


SimpleTexting provides a text message marketing platform designed for businesses of all sizes. It offers features like mass texting, two-way messaging, automated SMS campaigns, and integration with over 1,000 apps, facilitating efficient and direct customer engagement.


Simlab Inc. specializes in Digital Twin solutions for construction and facility management. Their offerings include SIM-ON, a versatile digital twin platform using Matterport models for dynamic 3D interfaces, and STAGES, which utilizes BIM for comprehensive project monitoring, from design to interior layout finalization. These solutions enhance asset management and streamline communication among teams.


Show and Tour offers a project delivery software tailored for real estate and architecture photographers. It provides custom content delivery, invoicing integrations, and licensing agreements in one platform, enhancing client experience and professional presentation. Features include delivery pages, project websites, full white labeling, virtual tour integration, domain connectivity, and secure, password-protected property websites.


RSET provides innovative solutions to maximize the use of 3D data across various sectors, including defense, public safety, litigation, and consumer applications. Their services enable clients to create and utilize synthetic environments for training, incident recreation, and real estate or BIM scan enhancement, offering versatile and practical applications of 3D technology.


Rooom offers a versatile metaverse platform for developing 3D, VR, and AR solutions, catering to marketing, education, and collaborative needs. It features an intuitive content management system, accessible across various devices, and provides tools for creating virtual spaces, 3D product views, and immersive events, enhancing digital interaction and engagement.


THETA by Ricoh offers a range of 360-degree cameras suitable for various applications, from casual use to professional business needs. Their cameras feature high-quality image capture, ease of use, and compatibility with multiple apps for image processing and sharing. Ideal for real estate, construction, and casual photography.


Retail VR offers a 3D commerce platform, revolutionizing retail and e-commerce with virtual showrooms and staging. It enables brands to create immersive shopping experiences, optimize merchandising, and engage customers through virtual environments, enhancing sales and reducing carbon footprint with 24/7 accessibility.


Traffic-Aware Instant Booking For Service Pros Who Like Happy Customers. Embed smart booking on your website in a few clicks


QuickBooks offers comprehensive accounting software solutions for businesses, featuring tools for accounting, payroll, bill management, and financial planning. It supports automation in bookkeeping, tax preparation, and sales management, with options for integration with various apps. QuickBooks is designed to streamline financial processes, enhance efficiency, and provide insights for better business decision-making.


Prevu3D provides advanced 3D scanning and modeling solutions, enabling businesses to create digital twins of their physical spaces for various applications, including facility management, design planning, and virtual tours. Their technology enhances operational efficiency and planning accuracy by leveraging immersive, accurate 3D representations of real-world environments.


Pivo Real Estate offers innovative camera technology, specifically the Pivo Pod series, designed for real estate professionals. These products feature AI-powered 360° tracking, facilitating effortless property showcasing and content creation. Ideal for realtors, the Pivo Pods enhance virtual tours, property photography, and marketing efforts with their advanced, user-friendly capabilities.


Outgrow offers a suite of no-code tools for marketers, including a quiz maker, calculator builder, and chatbot creator. These tools help in acquiring qualified leads and increasing engagement through interactive content. Optimized for modern marketing, Outgrow features pre-designed templates, native integrations, branded content customization, and insightful analytics, facilitating an increase in conversion rates and lead qualification.


Openhaus Pro offers an advanced platform for creating and customizing 3D Matterport tours. It features rapid tagging, customizable themes, and e-commerce integration for shoppable tours. Enhanced analytics and white-label options provide in-depth insights and branding control.


Nodalview is a sales and marketing platform for real estate, offering tools to create and share high-quality visuals like pictures, videos, virtual tours, and floor plans. It enhances real estate marketing with features like smartphone capture technology, AI media editing, and social media integration.


MyCaseBuilder is a family-owned business with over 35 years of experience in providing custom foam and case solutions. They cater to a wide range of needs, offering cases, foam, custom foam inserts, and cases with precut foam. Customers can design their own cases using the MyCaseBuilder application or opt for professional assistance from their Pro-Design experts.


MVL Media specializes in immersive media services for real estate photographers, offering a range of products including single property websites, photo and video editing, virtual staging, and 360 panoramic editing. They offer a unique NEXT MORNING EDITING service and a free course on how to shoot real estate videos.


MP2FP specializes in creating floorplans from 3D scanned model packs, catering to real estate, enterprise, and engineering sectors. Their services include premium image editing, CGI, 3D engineering modeling, video editing, virtual home styling (VHS), VR solutions, and web/software development. Delivering high-quality content and services for projects of any scale, both locally and internationally


Momenzo is a mobile app for creating professional, branded real estate listing videos in minutes. Available on iOS and Android, it offers intuitive editing, customizable templates, and features for quick content modification, enhancing real estate agents’ online presence with high-quality, engaging videos.


MeetEdgar simplifies social media management, offering automated content creation, scheduling, and publishing for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. It features evergreen content repurposing, real-time performance insights, and supports multiple platforms, helping users maintain an engaging online presence and grow their audience effectively​​​​​​.


Mattertraffic is an analytics tool designed for Matterport models, providing valuable insights into visitor behaviors and engagements. It features real-time traffic reports, demographic data, and a heat map for visualizing navigation patterns, helping users understand customer interactions with MatterTags. The platform’s user-friendly interface makes processing and understanding model traffic data straightforward.


Matterfix specializes in Matterport camera repairs, offering a wide range of services including fixing misaligned images, battery and Wi-Fi issues, broken lenses, and more. They provide DIY repair kits, same-day repair options, and purchase both working and non-working Matterport cameras. Matterfix is authorized by Matterport for repairs and battery replacements on various camera models.


Mailchimp offers comprehensive marketing and automation services, designed to enhance customer engagement and business growth. Key offerings include personalized email and SMS marketing, social media marketing, and website creation for brand presence. Advanced features include marketing automation for timely messaging, customizable templates for fast content creation, and detailed reporting and analytics for tracking performance.


Kimp offers unlimited graphic and video design services with flat monthly fees. Clients can request unlimited graphic or video designs and receive unlimited revisions, ensuring cost-effective and efficient design solutions. The service eliminates the need for contracts and hidden fees, providing a stress-free experience in securing quality design work​​​​​​.


L2VR is a Hong Kong-based company specializing in enhancing Matterport tours. They offer a unique Wayfinding solution for effective navigation in virtual spaces, a Synchronized Move feature for simultaneous multi-party navigation regardless of location, and a Voice Tour option for multi-language voiceovers.


LABPANO specializes in cutting-edge 360° cameras for versatile applications, ideal for virtual tours, sports vlogging, and street view photography. Their product range offers high-resolution 5.7K imagery and efficient workflows for immersive content creation. With features like one-tap capture and in-camera upload, these cameras are designed for both professional and casual users seeking to elevate their visual storytelling.


Leica offers premium photography equipment, renowned for precision engineering and exceptional image quality. Their products offering unparalleled craftsmanship and versatile functionality for both professional and enthusiast photographers. Leica’s commitment to optical excellence is evident in their lenses and accessories, designed to enhance the photographic experience and capture moments with clarity and depth.


Listing3D offers advanced 3D virtual tours, enhancing real estate marketing. Their solutions include virtual staging and 3D rendering, tailored for luxury real estate agents seeking to elevate property presentations. Listing3D empowers agents to create impactful, engaging digital experiences for their clients, enhancing both marketing and sales efforts in the competitive real estate industry.


Jasper is an AI-powered platform designed for marketing teams, offering tools for content creation, campaign management, and optimization. It provides AI-assisted content generation, enabling faster execution from idea to implementation with on-brand consistency. Jasper also offers comprehensive analytics and insights for better marketing performance, coupled with strong security and privacy features to ensure data integrity.


Ionblade offer specialized hosting solutions like WordPress, Joomla, and SSD hosting, emphasizing reliability with a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. Ionblade’s diverse offerings are complemented by additional services such as SEO, SSL certificates, website builders, and malware protection, catering to a wide range of web hosting needs.


InVideo is an AI-driven video creation platform that simplifies the process of turning ideas into professional videos. It offers intuitive tools for script generation, scene creation, voiceovers, and video editing, all controlled through easy text commands. They offer extensive stock media and collaboration features for efficient, creative video projects.

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