Why become a TOURIT Creator?

Every Virtual Tour on our platform was created by a skilled photographer that has taken the time to learn, understand and become an expert at creating Virtual Tours. We want to give Creators the praise they deserve by giving them the tools to promote their brand, Virtual Tours and enhance their presence in the industry. Continue reading below to learn about how we can help you grow as a Creator.

Creator Tools & Services

  • Add unlimited Virtual Tours 
  • Creator Profiles to showcase and promote yourself/business
  • Add Virtual Tours from our collection of providers or your custom domain/URL
  • Track user engagement through views, likes, saves & shares
  • Get featured through the TOURIT TODAY program
  • Access to TOURIT Marketplace 
  • Advanced Analytics (coming soon)

1. Contribute to our Global Community

The TOURIT Platform allows never before seen access to all kinds of Virtual Tours worldwide. Public and accessible to everyone, we are the first to allow searching, filtering and categorization of Virtual Tours at scale. As a Creator you can add unlimited Virtual Tours and get access to all our tools and services.

2. Creator Profiles

Creator Profiles are used to promote you or your business on all your Virtual Tours. Once created, a Creator Icon will show on all your Active Virtual Tours and when clicked will display your Creator Profile. Here you can add your branding/logo, location, bio, website and social media links as well as feature 10 of your Virtual Tours. We have big plans on using Creator Profiles to drive new leads and traffic to your business so be sure to create yours today!

3. Manage your Virtual Tours

Using our Manage Virtual Tour Dashboard you can easily manage all of your content through tools such as a search bar, filters and active/drafting. We also allow you to connect your Matterport API (free) for easy uploading of Virtual Tours from your Matterport Accounts.

4. Provider Library or Custom

You can add Virtual Tours from 11 different providers. We also have a Custom Provider Tool, allowing you to add Virtual Tours from any URL/domain once approved by an admin.

5. Track User Engagement

All Virtual Tours are tracked with views, likes and saves. This feature allows users to engage with your content in ways similar to other social media channels.

6. Get Featured through TOURIT TODAY!

TOURIT TODAY is our effort to share a new Virtual Tour from our platform each and everyday. Our goal is to promote the Virtual Tour, the location it showcases and the talented creator who created it! If you want to submit your Virtual Tour to TOURIT TODAY, simply click the share icon next to any of your Virtual Tours from your management page and click “SUBMIT THIS SPACE”

7. Access to the TOURIT Marketplace

The TOURIT Marketplace gives creators access to a wide variety of tools and services to enhance your Virtual Tour business. Everything from new softwares and equipment for creating Virtual Tours, to marketing materials, floor & site plans, and client/content management systems. Our marketplace continues to grow daily to provide you will the best access to the latest products and services in the Virtual Tour industry.

8. Advanced Virtual Tour Analytics (coming soon)

Analytics are very important to understanding the performance and engagement of your content. Coming soon we will provide you with detailed information such as total views, likes, saves, shares, and viewer locations across all your Virtual Tours and for each individual tour.

To get started, click below, then login or sign up and click "Become a Creator". You can then build your Creator Profile!