Current Status

We are currently preparing a Kickstarter campaign expected to launch in October 2023. Check out the Kickstarter page (coming soon) to learn more.​

Roadmap - 2023

Updated - Aug 7th 2023


Multiple improvements coming to the add media form. Add media without needing a physical address, add tags to help your media be found in search, add a location logo/image and tag creators

We are working on improvements to make it easier to manage your featured media (for creators)

We are improving the settings tool to make it easier to manage your login information, notification settings, interests, language and more

We are finishing up the designs for the creator analytics dashboard. We expect this featured to be released by the end of 2023

In Progress

The new homepage will provide you with curated carousels of media and creators. We plan to launch this feature by the end of October 2023

The new search tool will find media and creators related to your search. You will be able to access a grid & map view for the search

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